My name is Giorgia and I was born in Milan where I’m getting my MA in Languages and Cultural Studies for Intercultural Cooperation. In the last few years I have had the opportunity to live abroad and to have unforgettable international experiences. However, I’m still in love with Milan and I’m looking forward to showing you around.

Hi! I’m Lorenzo and I’m native from Milano. My backpacking DNA gives me opportunity to travel and live in many different countries in the last years: After a bachelor in Human Geography I moved to The Netherlands for a specialization in Urban Geography and city planning. Than I worked for some months in Seville, Spain. In love with tourism and city dynamics, will be a pleasure show to you some magic corners of my fantastic city: Are you ready?

Hi there, my name is Giulia and I was born in Milan. I’m graduated in Communication for the Culture and in Organization of Design and Art Events on urban territory. I’m a traveller, I love to visit new places and know different cultures; only in this way I can really appreciate the strengths of Milan and understand the weaknesses of this wonderful and strange city.

Here I am! I’m Marvin and I was born in Milan. I’m graduated in Human Geography: the choise of my studies and travelling, my biggest passion, are for sure correlated, and they are giving me the time to open my mind to other cultures. Moreover, this passion allows me, every time I come back at home, to appreciate better Milan, the city where I live in. It’s always a pleasure for me to show the beauties of my city to foreigners. So, what are you waiting for to discover Milan?

Hey there! This is Silvia. I was born in Milan but traveled and lived all over; even though I leave a piece of my heart everywhere I go, this city is where I always come back to: home, that magical word. I graduated in Foreign Languages and I am now getting my second degree in Event Management. Besides Italian, I speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can sure imagine I love getting to know people from anywhere.. and show them how we rule it around here! So come visit guys

Hi everyone! My name is Daniele and I am from Milano. I was born here and I’m currently getting a MA in political science. I am very interested in the history of the city, with the main focus on the twentieth century. My dream is to become mayor and get rid of all the pidgeons. I love to tell stories and not-so-well-known facts about Milan, so get ready and let’s walk!

Hi travellers I am Alberto! I was born here, i grown-up here and I am living, studying and working here right now! I am getting a BA in Graphic Design and trying to turn the passion I have for the city in a real job. My personal goal is to leave you at the end of the tour a deep passion for my city and memories you will rememeber for a long time. How? Being hospitable, easy-going and telling you new, funny and interesting stories and not just facts you can find on Tourist-guide. So get ready and walk with me!


Do you want to join us in a free-lance position?

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-Fluent in English (C1 level) or Spanish (C1 level) or both

-Easy-going, open mind and capable to manage large audience

-Have a valid tour guide license to work in the municipality of Milan

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