With its strategic location, Milan offers many destinations to enjoy a day trip. Below our tips!

(Como Lake/5 Terre/Bernina Train/Venice/Genova&Portofino/Verona)


Como has a fantastic lake and it is an ideal location for a day off. We recommend the center, the lakefront and an excursion to Brunate (via funicular). The lakeside towns of Bellagio and Varenna are two of the most famous attractions. These small towns are rich in gardens, villas and little shops selling crafts and local foods.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to visit Como, Bellagio and Varenna (boat experience included) You can combine the tour with Lugano (Switzerland). DIY: by train (from Cadorna/Centrale)


The villages of the Cinque Terre are breathtakingly beautifu. The landscapes are incredible, with cliffs and sea views everywhere you look. A must-see for anyone travelling in Italy; these five villages in Liguria, linked by paths, attract an increasing number of visitors from all over the world every year. From Monterosso to Riomaggiore, passing through Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola, the Cinque Terre Natural Park represents a unique place. Each village has its own soul. Since 1997, the Cinque Terre National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to 5 Terre. DIY: not possible in a day.


From the vineyards of Tirano to the glaciers of Bernina: an incredible journey through a priceless scenery. After passing Poschiavo lake, the Red Train (UNESCO) continues until Alp Grüm (2,091m) with a breathtaking view. After you reach the Bernina pass where you can admire Morteratsch glacier and Pizzo Bernina, the only 4,000m in the central Alps. In the silence of the landscape, the Red Train begins its descent towards the 1,775 m altitude of St. Moritz, the destination. It runs all year round, equipped with panoramic 360° view carriages that allow you to appreciate the landscape around, both in winter and in summer.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to Bernina train. You can combine the tour with Como too. DIY: not possible in a day.


Venice the “watery city”, home to gondoliers in stripy jerseys singing in front of the Bridge of Sighs, has been a fabled holiday destination for centuries and it is still considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. With canals, palazzi, and churches, it has a unique beauty that is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to visit Venice. You can combine the tour with Verona too. DIY: by train (from Centrale).


A sea metropolis with a glorious history: Genoa has wonderful narrow streets, the famous “carruggi”, beautiful churches and historical palaces. Throughout the city you can see the sign of a historical period, the 17th century, in which Genoese families reached their maximum wealth. Portofino is located on the Italian Riviera, and is a symbolic places of Liguria. Famous for its beautiful natural harbor, the town is known worldwide: this magnificent seaside village and its picturesque architecture with colorful houses around the famous Piazzetta, make this a great day trip from Milan.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to Genoa and Portofino. DIY: by train (From Centrale)


Verona is a beautiful city located near the Venetian Alps. The city is home to a number of cultural attractions, such as the Verona Arena and the Juliet’s balcony. The city is also known for its wine, cocktails (Spritz), art, and architecture. Lago di Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is located in the north-central region of Italy. It is a popular tourist destination, with numerous resorts and campings dotting its shores. The lake is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

HOW TO REACH: Booking an excursion from Milan to visit Verona and Garda Lake; You can combine the tour with Venice too. DIY: by train (from Centrale/Lambrate).


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