IMA – International Meeting Design Week Night – FuoriSalone

Hei travellers, backpackers and nice people in town for design week!

Wednesday 9th April  International Meeting AfterDay at The Room Milano From 16.00 – Till Late

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Design Week is that period of the year when people in Milan go crazy. Art, music and design seem to have the priority over all else, with the city turning into a place of anthill-like activity full of creativity and beauty.

The International Meeting AfterDay is going to turn your point of view about all the stuff that concerns this special week upside-down.

The day will pass in a triumph of art, design, music and refreshing cocktails, and in the afterdinner the party will goes on until late night.

The beautiful architecture of the location will host multiple exhibitions and installations of international artists that live and work in Milan. It will be our foreign legion, our little embassy where everything is allowed.


✗The Unconfortable Design (Greece)
The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately incovenient everyday objects, designed by Athens based architect Katerina Kamprani.
The uncomfortable started as a twisted sadistic design project. It messed up it’s creator’s head. It’s a parasite in the world of materialism and design.

✗Emre Baloglu (Turkey)
This Milano based visionary turkish artist create surreal sculptures in his paintings. Demons of the past, nightmare of the present, visions of tomorrow.

Guaro Art
Rosario Guastella is a professionist graphic designer who also create special illustration, thanks to his artistic ispiration. Don’t miss the new sicilian style.


✗Waste Art
This creative project by Marco Lapro is the essence of a smart recycle, not just word but a serious plan. He responded to the crisis by recovering the old art craft and merged with the processing of materials “contemporary” industrial waste.

◣Live Music ◢

♬ Sophie Kohn (Folk From USA)
This young musician from Boston is a rare gem. Her voice penetrates the soul like the sunbeam in the morning trough the windows. Voice, guitar and honeyed folk.

◣Dj set◢

❖Emre Baloglu – LIVE SET
Still Emre Baloglu, the ecleptic artist, will present his new, and awaited LIVE SET. His productions go trough the techno imaginary, enhanced by industrial impression. Intellectual music for intellectual mind.

Nathan dawidowicz (Crimewave)
Born in 1990, the mother of Polish-Jewish origin and Cameroonian father.
Growing up between Jerusalem and the rest of the world, now living, studying and working in Milan.
Nathan is dj / producer but also a fashion designer (Inst. Marangoni).
He studied electronic music production school 4CMP and collaborates with the crew of Crimewave as resident DJ.

❖ Dj Davoo

Electro – House
Back in his home city of Tehran (IRAN), where the law actually forbids parties, he used to organize huge secret events and happenings. Now that he is in Italy he can play his music without fear of arrest and his deejaying is always an explosion of energy and good solid groove

❖ Dekid!

Electro – Punk
Dekid! Punk in the head! A train of sound which is running through Europe. You don’t stop, are you one of those lame tourists?

❖ James Conrad Louis Baker

Electro – Bass Music
Born in England, son of an English jazz drummer, he came to study in Italy. His sound is defined by that underground movement that goes from Erol Alkan to Simian Mobile Disco

❖ Dj WestBanhof

West Berlin Railway Station is a strange place. Everything can happen in that neighbourhood and the music there is always listened to at high volume.

Zuzi Diggei

During the afternoon the selection is signed Zuzi. Electrohouse to spend our day in peace and art!

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