Saturday 15/03 (FIRST) COMMUNION: Psychedelic meet electronic.

“This is a beautiful day
It is a new day
We are together, we are unified
And all for the cause
Because together we got power”

Saturday 15th March 2014 psychedelic / experimental electronic Night at Macao.

Under the name of (First) Communion #1 you’ll enjoy a fantastic night surrounded from music, mysterius visuals and (good) vibes from COMMUNION crew.

The magic temple for this event is Macao, a huge location for a never ending trip.

From 21.30 till early morning..

☼On Stage☼

THE ASSYRIANS (Galactic pop)

GIOBIA (Psychedelic)

☼Dj set☼

OSIRIS (Techno)

☼ Mushroom temple ☼

-TIBETAN TAPES experience (Experimental electronic)
-Communion (Trip set – Lysergic rain)


When: Saturday 15th March 2014 from 21.30

Where: Macao, Viale Molise,68 Milano

How to get there by public transport: Bus 90 91 (all night long) 93
Tram 12

Entrance: donation up to you
☮ Very cheap drinks
☮ Free smoking area




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