New names for 11 metro stations in Milan

The rumors are now confirmed

Milan’s municipality will change (or better modify) eleven metro stations’ names.

You know that Milan is growing as touristic city, that next year we will host Expo 2015 and that is the most modern city in Italy.

To help tourists and residents some metro station will change the name, to help everyone to have an easier journey with our public transport system.

Linea 1 “Red Line”

Lima: New name Lima-Teatro Elfo Puccini

Cordusio: New namCordusio-Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

Linea 5 “Lilac Line”

Ponale: New name Ponale-Hangar Bicocca

Ca’ Granda: New name Ca’ Granda-Pratocentenaro

Bicocca: New name Bicocca-Università

Bignami: New name  Bignami-Parco Nord


Opening scheduled 2014-2015 (Line 5)

Gerusalemme: New name Gerusalemme-Ospedale Buzzi

Portello: New name Portello-ex Alfa Romeo

Domodossola FNM: New name Domodossola FN

San Siro Harar-Dessié: New name San Siro-Stadio

San Siro-Trotter: New name San Siro-Ippodromo


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