Ticket Sharing Milano!

Hei travellers

Big news today!

Guys from CASC, Lambretta and Lab CREA launched today effort the initiative of ticket sharing on public transports.

Under the name of ATS Milano (aderisci al ticket sharing, join the ticket sharing) they deploy many boxes in tram and bus stops

How does it works?

After you validate your ticket on the bus/tram/metro every ATM ticket is valid 90 minutes; quite often most of these minutes are not used.

It is your time NOW! You need to leave (or collect) your ticket from the box and enjoy your ride! It is easy and FREE !

Every ticket is valid 90 minutes and for unlimited rides on the network (Just one ride for metro, but for example you can use a bus, than metro and once more tram with the same one)

Well done guys!


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