GO!Walks Coimbra

Gowalks_mapaHey Guys, we are proud of our friend Sara and her team that in these days are celebrating their 1st year of walking tour!


We tried the tour some weeks ago when we were in Coimbra and we had a blast!

Searching for authentic experiences in Portugal? We have the answers you’re looking for!

If you visit Portugal don’t miss Coimbra – a beautiful University city in between Lisbon and Oporto.
If you wish to find out more about the “city of students”, accompanied by of them, don’t miss this unique and original opportunity to visit Coimbra. They willl reveal the most interesting details on a tour you’ll want to remember forever!
Sara and her team guarantee to have a student from the University of Coimbra waiting for you, at one of the most interesting points of the city, everyday, eager to show you the “Coimbra of the Doctors”.
They have discount vouchers for museums, monuments, local handicraft shop, bakeries, restaurants and places of fun and entertainment, so you can enjoy these daily tours in the least expensive way. You’ll easily figure out that by combining these student accompanied walks with the vouchers they’re offering, this visit on foot will cost you next to nothing!

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